Sunday, February 9, 2020

Creating Good Argumentative Essay Topics That Are Humane

Creating Good Argumentative Essay Topics That Are HumaneGood animal based college argumentative essay topics are both familiar and fresh. Any of the following, if taken out of context and written in a way that is offensive to animals, can be clearly seen as having been a bad choice for a topic at school: captive breeding; the mistreatment of animals; large-scale factory farming; killing of animals for entertainment or food; and the suffering and death of animals in zoos. Also, be careful about what words you choose when writing about animals. These same words could have the opposite meaning and result in a great number of negative remarks on your report card or just less attention from your classmates or teachers.In reality, there are more humane alternatives to the killing of animals, but the reality is that most people are not interested in learning these alternatives. The truth is that most people do not want to hear any alternative to killing animals because they are still in the middle of a very long tradition of doing it. They still think that killing animals is wrong.That tradition has now gotten so ingrained in our society that most people will not even question whether an alternative is okay. It is their tradition, their social conditioning and their ingrained beliefs, not that it should change. So, while your argumentative essay topics may get a little bit better by using terms that may not mean what you thought they meant when you started your project, you will find yourself with a lot of work to do to prove that your feelings are not hurt, your perspective is not based on prejudice, and that you are not going to turn any harm your way.Be prepared to write about animals that have some type of connection to you. This will show that you have compassion for the suffering and death of animals, and in fact have had a certain amount of compassion toward animals. This means that your viewpoint has changed from animal rights activists to animal lovers, and y ou have come to a point where you are more accepting of the problems that exist for animals in our society.Animal lovers are those who eat meat and products that are derived from animals. If you want to improve your grade point average or get into a specific class, take the time to sit down and talk to your professor about your concerns with animal welfare.There are many professors in our society that are not very sympathetic to the animal rights movement, but you can make an impact by providing them with a brief history of animal rights, the current issues that are affecting animals in our society, and how these issues affect your own life. You can also demonstrate to them that you are interested in learning more about these issues, which will make a great impression on your classmates.Arguments like these are much easier to make than those that deal with economic or political issues, and even if you do not find the same success, you will learn that a simple approach to an importan t issue can help your grade and the grade of others. So, think of the others that will benefit from your research and turn your attention to these points, and soon you will have plenty of essay topics that are good enough to make a difference!