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LSD AND THE CIA :: essays research papers

LSD was invented in Switzerland by Albert Hofmann, a researcher for Sandoz pharmaceuticals. It did not spontaneously appear among the youth of the Western world as a gift from the God of Gettin High. The CIA was on to acid long before the flower children.So, for that matter, were upstanding citizens like Time-Life magnate Henry Luce and his wife, Clare Boothe Luce, who openly sang the praises of their magical mystery tours during the early sixties. Henry, a staunch conservative with close connections to the CIA, once dropped acid on the golf course and then claimed he had enjoyed a shortsighted chat with God.While the cognoscenti had the benefit of tuned-in physicians, other psychedelic pioneers took their first trips as part of CIA-controlled research studies.At least one person committed self-destruction after becoming an unwitting subject of a CIA LSD test, crashing through a highstory plate-glass window in a New York hotel as his Agency guardian watched. (Or perhaps the guardi an did more than watch. In June 1994 the victims family had his thirty-year-old corpse exhumed to check for signs that he may have been thrown out that window.) Numerous others bewildered their grip on reality.MK-ULTRA was the code name the CIA ingestiond for its program directed at gaining control over clement behavior through covert use of chemical and biological materials, as proposed by Richard Helms. The name itself was a variation on ULTRA, the U.S. intelligence program behind Nazi lines in World warfare 11, of which the CIAs veteran spies were justly proud.Helms later became CIA director and gained a measure of notoriety for his Watergate "lying to Congress" conviction and a touch of immortality in Thomas Powerss aptly named biography, The Man Who Kept the Secrets. Helms founded the MK-ULTRA program and justified its notably unethical aspects with the rationale, We are not Boy Scouts.At the time, the spook scientists suspected that LSD had the potential to reprogra m the human personality. In retrospect, they were probably right-Timothy Leary spoke in similar terms, though he saw unlimited potential for self-improvement in this reprogramming.

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Scientific Materalism v. Crime and Punishment Essay examples -- Litera

Author of Crime and penalty, Feodor Dostoevsky, uses the text to subtly express factors which aid in disproving the idea of scientific materialism. He aims to prove that there must be an opposite explanation for our complexities, unlike the opposing one in which everything is believed to be made or conducted by matter. Regardless of extensive scientific experimentation, there argon still many aspects of the human mind and body that bear on unclear. Crime and Punishment relays some extreme qualities possessed by universe which are argued by many to be valid proof of our creation by a higher power. The fact that humans are emotional beings and that emotions are not classified as matter creates the opportunity for philosophical debate. Dostoevsky feeds on this suspicion and assists in the argument of refuting scientific materialism by providing examples of human emotions much(prenominal) as shame, pity, compassion, love, and guilt. He also attempts to refute scientific mat erialism by suggesting the innovation of a human conscience, free will, self sacrifice, and pure evil. Crime and Punishment revolves around main character, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, and the physical, mental, and spiritual repercussions he endures after he commits murder. In other words, the whole novel is built around the unique process of licentiousness in the heros soul (Bem 2). When we first meet Raskolnikov, we learn he is a relatively young ex-student who has fallen into the poverty stricken slums of St. Petersburg, Russia. He has become unhealthily anti-social and pungent towards humanity and is now trapped within and tortured by his own thoughts. It is revealed that he is struggling internally with the idea of murdering a pawnbroker, Alena Ivanovna, with... ...ter. Web. 11 Apr. 2012. Crime and Punishment. Nineteenth-Century literature Criticism. Ed. Jessica Bomarito and Russel Whitaker. Vol. 167. Detroit Gale, 2006. Literature Resource Center. Web. 11 Apr. 201 2. Dostoevsky, Feodor. Crime and Punishment. Ed. George Gibian. Trans. Coulson. 3rd ed. New York W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1989. Print. Leatherbarrow, William J. Chapter 4 The doctrine of Uncertainty Crime and Punishment. Fedor Dostoevsky. William J. Leatherbarrow. Boston Twayne Publishers, 1981. Twaynes World Authors Series 636. The Twayne Authors Series. Web. 14 Apr. 2012. Santangelo, Gennaro. The cardinal Motives of Raskolnikov. Dalhousie Review 54.4 (Winter 1974) 710-719. Rpt. in Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. Ed. Jessica Bomarito and Russel Whitaker. Vol. 167. Detroit Gale, 2006. Literature Resource Center. Web. 14 Apr. 2012. Scientific Materalism v. Crime and Punishment Essay examples -- LiteraAuthor of Crime and Punishment, Feodor Dostoevsky, uses the text to subtly exhibit factors which aid in disproving the idea of scientific materialism. He aims to prove that there must be another explanation for our complexities, unlike the opposing one i n which everything is believed to be made or conducted by matter. Regardless of extensive scientific experimentation, there are still many aspects of the human mind and body that remain unclear. Crime and Punishment relays some extreme qualities possessed by humans which are argued by many to be valid proof of our creation by a higher power. The fact that humans are emotional beings and that emotions are not classified as matter creates the opportunity for philosophical debate. Dostoevsky feeds on this uncertainty and assists in the argument of refuting scientific materialism by providing examples of human emotions such as shame, pity, compassion, love, and guilt. He also attempts to refute scientific materialism by suggesting the existence of a human conscience, free will, self sacrifice, and pure evil. Crime and Punishment revolves around main character, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, and the physical, mental, and spiritual repercussions he endures after he commits murder. In other words, the whole novel is built around the unique process of disintegration in the heros soul (Bem 2). When we first meet Raskolnikov, we learn he is a relatively young ex-student who has fallen into the poverty stricken slums of St. Petersburg, Russia. He has become unhealthily anti-social and bitter towards humanity and is now trapped within and tortured by his own thoughts. It is revealed that he is struggling internally with the idea of murdering a pawnbroker, Alena Ivanovna, with... ...ter. Web. 11 Apr. 2012. Crime and Punishment. Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. Ed. Jessica Bomarito and Russel Whitaker. Vol. 167. Detroit Gale, 2006. Literature Resource Center. Web. 11 Apr. 2012. Dostoevsky, Feodor. Crime and Punishment. Ed. George Gibian. Trans. Coulson. 3rd ed. New York W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1989. Print. Leatherbarrow, William J. Chapter 4 The Principle of Uncertainty Crime and Punishment. Fedor Dostoevsky. William J. Leatherbarrow. Boston Twayne P ublishers, 1981. Twaynes World Authors Series 636. The Twayne Authors Series. Web. 14 Apr. 2012. Santangelo, Gennaro. The Five Motives of Raskolnikov. Dalhousie Review 54.4 (Winter 1974) 710-719. Rpt. in Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. Ed. Jessica Bomarito and Russel Whitaker. Vol. 167. Detroit Gale, 2006. Literature Resource Center. Web. 14 Apr. 2012.

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Life of a Slave Girl Essay -- Papers

Life of a Slave GirlHarriet Jacobs constantly refers to whizs that help her through her plight for freedom. Relying on the kindness of others seems to be a trend through out her life. Harriet was everlastingly helped out when she was a slave and when she escaped from slavery. When ever she got into trouble someone always came to her rescue. Everyone that came to her rescue was risking themselves when they would aid her. Be it a good old friend from the past, someone who knew her mother or a random stranger in the last expected place, there was always someone to fork over her. She thankfully accepted every bit of aid that came her way.Countless times Harriet speaks of getting help from someone whom she knew when she was little, be it an old friend or someone who is helping her because they knew her mother. People always wanted to help her, and this makes me wonder what she was like. Not once in her story does Harriet describe herself or do we get to know much about her othe r then how troubled she always is. Harriet was someone of a very strong moral character. Her second sea captain Dr. Flint was relentless in his desires to wear her as his lover yet she never gave in. In the situation of a slave this was very unusual. There was zero point to stop Dr. Flint from sticking Harriet in jail or whipping her until she couldnt stand anymore for no other reason then he matt-up like it. Yet she would not do anything she chose not to. She eventually ran away from him after spending age in his service and spent seven years hiding in an atic that summed up to be a large coffin then serve him and his family any more. She would rather torchure herself then submit to the Flints and do something she matte up was wrong.At the age of six Harri... ... to smuggle Harriet north. After much time, he found way by a sympathetic caption of a direct to bring her north. He gave seven years trying to help her with information and a way to get north instead of help ing himself. To simply save a friend.After Harriet arived in New York she met Mr. Bruce. His second wife was the greatest help to Harriet through out all of her years. Though she was white, she treated Harriet as an competent and always tryed to do the best for her. At one point Harriet had to flee from New York for fear of being cought and Mrs. Bruce tells her to bring her baby with her so that if she happened to be cought they would have to bring Harriet back to her and that there might be some way to help her then. Eventually Mrs. Bruce enables someone to purchase Harriet for three hundred dollars from Mr. Flints daughter so that Harriet could be free.

essay on beowulf :: Epic of Beowulf Essays

In Beowulf, both pagan and Christian elements are present which add religious contrast to the poem. The poem begins with the king, Hrothgar, taking the quite a little of the Danes. During his reign, one of Hrothgars accomplishments included the building of the great Mead h completely which served as a place of relaxation for his troops. Years passed and an evil monster came and terrorized the Hall. Then the great warrior, Beowulf, a foreigner offered to help rid the town of the monster. In the end, good triumphed over evil as he defeated the monster and returned the city to its people. ease up in this poem are certain forms of evil. The greatest of these is the descendent of Cains evil against his brother Abel. After Cain killed Abel God punished him by exiling him from the kingdom of God. From Cains soul came evil monsters, one in particular, Grendel. He was a demon a fiend who haunted the moors, the wild marshes and made his home in funny farm (actually earth). King Hrothgar fin ished a great mead hall for his warriors to relax and reside in when away from war. Grendel, amused by the sound of drunkenness coming from the hall, kills all who reside there. This punishment and evil went on for twelve years. The people turned to the worship of pagan Gods, hoping they would take the demon back to the pits from whence it derived.After the hardship of paganism Hrothgar searched for warriors that could defeat the beast. A decorated warrior, Beowulf, sailed from the land of the Geats to help. This shows how God works in mysterious ways. Grendel keeps on attacking the great mead hall but refuses to go after the kings throne. God protected the throne. This is saying that God will defeat any evil that stands in his path. An example that God controls bread and butter and death is the line God must decide who will be given to deaths cold grip. Death is not the stand firm part of life. The mead halls gargantuan size symbolizes the peoples desire to be closer to God. Its reason for construction, so the people could pull in the heavens.Throughout the poem good clashes with evil. One example would be Grendel taking over the Mead hall. In this instance the mead hall would symbolize safeness and good harmony. One major important clash was when the townspeople gave up on Christianity and went back to paganism to get rid of the monster.

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The Importance of Freedom in Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” Essay

Kate Chopins The novel of an Hour grabs its readers from the start and creates an unexpected twist at the end of the short story. Louise Mallard is given the intelligence information that her husband has died in a terrible train accident. To her surprise, he arrives home and did not even know there had been one (Chopin, 607). Upon the death of Louise who once believes she was a widow only to find that her husband is still alive, the confusion begins. The death of Louise is questioned by many critics as a state of shock, depression, and sadness. However, Mark Cunninghams lit crit of Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour states that her death was instead a disco very of freedom from the physical strains of her marriage with her husband and societal views on women. Cunningham argues that at the voltaic pile of her living husband, Louises death lies elsewhere in the joy (Cunningham, 49), that she had final examly escaped her marriage and the burdens it placed on her life. Cunningham also states that its possible that Louise didnt actually even see her husband but that it doesnt necessarily matter. Lastly, Cunningham argues that not only does she escape the strains of the marriage, but Louise also escapes societys internal and degrading views on women and the place they hold in society. In best judgment, Cunningham does an exquisite job at defining the meaning of the significance of Louises death. However, I will argue that Louise Mallards sight of her husband is important to study because it emphasizes her desperate escape from her physically dangerous marriage, which also needs to be considered. I think emphasis should be placed on the idea of symbolism and the role it played in explaining Louises freedom from her marriage. It could be safe to ... ...opin, 607). Finally, Cunningham stated that its not important whether or not Louise saw her husband before she died. But, I think its important to address that she did see her husband, because this symbolizes her f inal stretch to freedom. Cunninghams criticism was certainly successful in creating an understanding of why Chopin wrote the short story in the nineteenth century. Women were in a very tough place in society, but for some like Louise Mallard, there may have been other factors that made freedom such a desired hope. Works CitedChopin, Kate. The Story of an Hour. The Norton Introduction to Literature. 10th ed. Eds. Alison Booth & Kelly J. Mays. New York W.W. Norton, 2010. 607-608.Cunningham, M. The autonomous female self and the death of Louise Mallard in Kate Chopins Story of an Hour. English Language Notes. 42.1 (2004) 48-55.

The Importance of Freedom in Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” Essay

Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour grabs its readers from the start and creates an unexpected twist at the end of the short story. Louise Mallard is effrontery the news that her husband has died in a terrible train accident. To her surprise, he arrives home and did not even know there had been one (Chopin, 607). Upon the death of Louise who formerly believes she was a widow only to find that her husband is still alive, the confusion begins. The death of Louise is questioned by many critics as a state of shock, depression, and sadness. However, Mark Cunninghams criticism of Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour states that her death was instead a discovery of freedom from the physical strains of her marriage with her husband and societal views on women. Cunningham argues that at the sight of her living husband, Louises death lies elsewhere in the joy (Cunningham, 49), that she had finally escaped her marriage and the burdens it placed on her life. Cunningham also states that its come-at -able that Louise didnt actually even externalize her husband but that it doesnt necessarily matter. Lastly, Cunningham argues that not only does she escape the strains of the marriage, but Louise also escapes societys natural and degrading views on women and the place they hold in society. In best judgment, Cunningham does an exquisite job at defining the meaning of the significance of Louises death. However, I will argue that Louise Mallards sight of her husband is important to study because it emphasizes her desperate escape from her physically dangerous marriage, which also ineluctably to be considered. I think emphasis should be placed on the idea of symbolism and the role it played in explaining Louises freedom from her marriage. It could be beneficial to ... ...opin, 607). Finally, Cunningham stated that its not important whether or not Louise saw her husband before she died. But, I think its important to address that she did see her husband, because this symbolizes her fi nal stretch to freedom. Cunninghams criticism was certainly successful in creating an understanding of why Chopin wrote the short story in the nineteenth century. Women were in a very tough place in society, but for some like Louise Mallard, there may have been other factors that made freedom such a desirable hope. Works CitedChopin, Kate. The Story of an Hour. The Norton Introduction to Literature. 10th ed. Eds. Alison Booth & Kelly J. Mays. New York W.W. Norton, 2010. 607-608.Cunningham, M. The autonomous female self and the death of Louise Mallard in Kate Chopins Story of an Hour. English Language Notes. 42.1 (2004) 48-55.

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Discussion About Genetically Modified Foods Essay

Genetically modify foods Beneficial views & Adverse views a. What is the possible risk for genetically modify crops considering nutrition and health? b. Whether the stintingal effects are the most important? c. Will it bring severe environment problems? III. Arguments for beneficial effects of GM foods a. Firstly, transgenic applied science has made considerable come on in food applications. b. Transgenic food has successfully lowered food prices and ensured food safety. c. GM foods significantly snub the environmental move of agriculture.Introduction The author, Magana-Gomez, critically canvass the risk assessment methods of transgenic food for human nutrition and health in the paper, Risk assessment of genetically modified crops for nutrition and health. Magana reviewed various modes including incompatible feeding period, animal modes and parameters in the paper published in 2011 by Nutrition Reviews (Magana G, 2009). In consistent with his studies, negative effects of GM food were determine at molecular and microscopic levels.However, with our entry into the 21st century, genetically modified foods feel undergone even faster development. However, there are also many doubts virtually the safety of genetically modified foods. Therefore, genetically modified foods lease become a hot topic issue. Personally, although there are many controversies about GM food, I still insist on the research and promotion of transgenic food due to its diverse benefits. Views According to Curieux-Belfond CL, he could identify the factors that deserve consideration onwards commercialization and promotion of transgenic food (182).In this paper, Factors to condider before production and commercialization of aquatic genetically modified organisms the case of transgenic salmon, the author took transgenic salmon as an example, in which Curieux-Belfond examined the corresponding impacts in terms of aquaculture, wildlife, ecosystem and human health. The paper published in 2 011 by Evironmental Science & Policy suggested that GM food undoubtedly contributed to economic benefits without exerting too much extra burden (Curieux B, 2009).In the end, the author believed that the benefits of genetically modified foods far outweigh the disadvantages. Analysis of the benefits of genetically modified foods Maganas lean is persuasive when he assessed the risks about GM food. However, since genetic engineering techniques defend successfully transferred anti-viral, insect resistance, cold resistance and other genes to cotton, wheat, tomatoes and other plants, we can scram stable new varieties of genetically modified, with low production cost and high-yield food, which will ease the world food shortage and dress the use of pesticides to a big extent.Based on the above reasons, I will provide a critical analysis with the following specific examples which show his argument is partially wrong. Firstly, transgenic technology has also made considerable progress in a nimal food applications. At present, a variety of mammal and bird genes are successfully merged into the genome of fish, which can significantly enhance transgenic fish muscle protein content and improve growth speed. With the development of genetic engineering technology, masses have been freed from natural enzymes to a large extent.Especially when the enzyme obtained from natural protein material encounters difficulties, genetic engineering has the unique advantages of natural gene cloning (Seralini GE, 2011). Thus, it can be highly expressed in microorganisms with mass production by fermentation. At present, the transgenic enzymes are widely used in the food industry, such as maltose enzymes amylase, pectinase and the juice protease. The food nutritional quality modified by genetic engineering has also made remarkable achievements.For instance, the genetic engineering technology has been applied for seed protein improvement, which renders it possible to intensify the plant com position and amino acid content. Secondly, transgenic food has successfully lowered food prices and ensured food safety, which helps increase production and food supply while reduction the farm labor and pesticide applications, boorish inputs and production costs (Weasel LH, 2009). In the future, GM crops have groovy potential in solving the food crisis.For instance, by applying transgenic technology to the human staple foods of rice and wheat, people can increase food production and improve nutritional quality, which will provide mankind with higher-quality food. Further more than, GM foods have also proved effective in alleviating poverty and hunger. The worlds poorest 50% of the population are small and resource-poor farmers, while 20% nutriment in rural areas without their own ground actually depend on agriculture. Therefore, the increase in small-scale and resource-poor farmers income will directly assist 70% of the worlds poorest people (Curieux-Belfond O, 2009).So far, g enetically modified cotton in India, China and South Africa have already made a significant contribution to more than 1. 2 gazillion poor farmers income. The benefits of genetically modified corn in the Philippines and South Africa will be much clearer in the future. In addition, genetically modified rice has great potential to benefit 250 million poor families in Asia, whose benefits will reach 10 million people (Curieux-Belfond O, 2009). Transgenic food also helps to reduce land development. Transgenic technology has been developed to improve the current 1. billion hectares of arable land productivity through conservation of biological resources, thereby reducing land development and deforestation. Thirdly, I will demonstrate such improvement since they significantly reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Traditional agriculture has a significant impact on the environment, and transgenic biotechnology can help reduce this impact. In the first decade of application of gen etically modified crops, by planting herbicide and insect-resistant characteristics, transgenic technologies have greatly reduced the use of pesticides, saved fossil fuels and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.Undoubtedly, genetically modified crops with drought-tolerant genes will improve water-use efficiency and maintain sustainable agricultural development, which will play an important role in easing the crisis of population growth and global food shortage (Artemis D, 2009). GM crops have also contributed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in two main ways, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping slow climate change. First, by reducing fuel use, the spraying of insecticides and herbicides, GM crops continue to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In 2007, genetic engineering has been stated to reduce 1. billion kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to a decrease of 50 million cars from the road. Secondly, herbicide-resistant GM crops help reduce tillage appl ications, which protects the land and enhances soil carbon sequestration. Conclusions Despite the many advantages of GM food, we cannot ignore the risks. After genetically modified foods have been taken into the human body, they may cause harm to human health. Moreover, after a large number of transgenic crops come into nature, they may be biologically destructive to ecosystems.Since the risks of GM food is serous, it is important for us to reflect on it first. Any of the scientific and technological developments should be comprehensive and provide well-being for human life. If genetically modified foods can only increase our economic interests and improved material life without the moral, social and environmental harmony, they cannot be defined as making great contribution to social development. Therefore, whether GM food is a benefit or a disadvantage really depends on what kind of human values people hold (Qaim M. 2009). That is the question we reflect on deeply.In contemporary society, with the rapid development of science and technology, the economic situation of the human and the material standard of living has been soaring. It seems that mankind is taking great proud for the advanced technology. However, we should look back to what the living environment we rely on is subjected to. Therefore, genetically modified foods are seen as the savior of mankind, which is actually human self-centered ideology. Of course, with the continuous development of biotechnology and genetic engineering, human beings have the ability to create more genetically modified food.

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Information security Essay

The secrets of an formation ar protected from competitors. Vital training to a argumentation is protected from competitors by establishing a strong system of internal controls. Protecting the info relating to the operations of a business reduces losses to the business. Poor data security practices can creates a lot of costs to the business through data recovery costs, loss of competitive advantage, cost of investigations, and some others. The business builds confidence among the stakeholders when it protects its tuition.The usance of technology has increased galore(postnominal) a(prenominal) risks upon the protection of information of a business. Organizations provide their employees about the guidelines to be followed to protect the information of the business (Chan, Woon & Kankanhalli, n. d. ). Issues relating to information security galore(postnominal) businesses gull trade secrets which need to be protected from their competitors. If the trade secrets are stolen, th e business may incur losses in terms of competitive disadvantages in the marketplace. The increase in competition in the global business has increased the need to protect information which may be used to out-compete a business.The internationalistic law protects the copyrights of each business and gives the authors of original information the exclusive right to use the information. The long term survival of the business in the market depends on the ability to withhold confidential information. Growth and expansion strategies are based on the ability to protect confidential business information. The management should determine which information is important to them and place strict measures to protect it (Chan, Woon & Kankanhalli, n. d. ).The increase in the use of technology has resulted into exposure of internal information about a business to many risks. The computing technology has created information risks which force the management to introduce systems which ensure the protect ion of information. In the recent years, organizations have increased spending on both(prenominal) physical and IT security technologies, (Chan, Woon & Kankanhalli, n. d. , pp. 3). However, several security incidences continue to occur despite the implementation of the security technologies.The internal security issues are done by the employees when they have errors in their operations or they deliberately misuse the information of the organization. Most of the external threats an organization encounters are linked to the internal staff (College of Education n. d). To protect the information contained in the internet and computers, an organization should use passwords. The passwords should be known to the concerned individuals in the organization and should be changed regularly to ensure safety of the data.The information should be under the control of a responsible person and these individuals should be answerable to the management of the organization. Access to the confidential i nformation should be allowed to a special(a) number of employees (College of Education. n. d. ). The management should educate its employees about security issues of the data they handle. Some employees may not have knowledge about the confidential information of an organization and they may expose it to competitors without knowing.The use of such information should be limited to the organizational activities and should be protected against competitors. Employees should be taught how to use the passwords to ensure information security. The emails of the friendship should be provided with strong passwords to ensure no hackers can access information (Tenby, 2002). The government has spoild some businesses and industries which have great influence to the nation by regulating the use of information. The regulations depend on the nature of the institution and its role in the economy.For example, financial institutions and healthcare companies have been regulated since their contributi on to the economy affects many sectors. Laws are established to protect the interests of the organization and to ensure the business environment is conducted in a fair manner (McConnell & Banks). The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was established in 2002 to regulate the protection of businesses as well as improving corporate governance. The Act was introduced to prevent the misuse of corporate information by the professionals especially the auditors, accountants and the managers.The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was created to manner of speaking the high rate of failure by publicized businesses, restatement of financial statements and the corporate improprieties. The act requires the management to be responsible for ensuring adequate internal control measures are in operation within the organization. The auditors should report about the effectiveness of the internal controls during the annual audit reporting. The management should introduce internal controls which protect the information of the b usiness as well as ensuring the professional activities are implemented successfully (McConnell & Banks). ConclusionInformation security is of great importance to the business since it prevents competition from other businesses in the market as well as preventing the misuse of information by the employees. Technology has increased the risks associated with the use of information. A large number of frauds pull in the organization are initiated by the internal staff of the organization. The management should provide a system of accountability where the staff should be responsible for the information provided to them. The management should ensure the employees have adequate knowledge about protecting the information of the organization.

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The Greek Polis

The polis is the city- landed estate of ancient Greece where Greek politics, commerce and creative culture was centered. It developed from the Archaic period and is considered the ancestor of the terms city, state and citizenship. It was the central urban area that may have some degree of rule over the surrounding countryside. Among the Greek polis were Athens, Thebes and Sparta which were considered independent with each other.The polis is typically jump around a citadel or an acropolis and would essentially have a market called the agora and would usually have one or more places of adore and a gymnasium. The Greeks considered the polis or city-states as a unique institution because in ancient times, it was the first gathering of sight wherein the rulers or officials were elected by the people and laws were passed. Although the polis was composed of several tribes or demes, it was ruled not by a particular king or oligarchy but rather considered as a policy-making entity ruled b y the inhabitants or citizens themselves.To some extent, there is a high degree of citizen involvement and participation in the management of the public organization in a polis. The polis was considered as the most significant contribution in politics of the Greek people. The fundamental difference between the ancient Greek polis and a youthful day country city like that of Western Europe or America is that the Greeks did not consider the polis as under any sovereignty eyepatch a modern age city is necessarily under a sovereign country or state.In other words, the polis is an autonomous entity while a modern city is positively positioned in a sovereign state. The polis is not identified by territory but rather by the citizenship of its people whereas a modern city is generally set apart by land area and population. Their similarities lie greatly in them being both centers of commerce, artistry, politics and the melting pot of state development.

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A Culture of Violence

A culture of violence may not always go noticed by people, especially those who are living within a community. The closeness of the people therein, together with a fixed mindset or opinion about the community, may prevent residents from realizing or accepting the fact that things have changed for the worse.Moreover, there is the possibility that people might get too smug that they would no longer bother to identify key issues, such as those involving attitudes or cultures that need to be changed.Article SummaryThe horizontal surface of Reena Virk, a fourteen year old, east Indian girl, illustrates this point. In Reena Virks short life and lonely death swept away a 14-year- old girl beaten by the very teens she precious as friends was left to the cold salt-water, Cernetig tells a classic story of a girl coming from a minority group who, for this reason, desperately tries to fit in her new surroundings.Being taken from her home, she finds herself in a new but unfriendly environment w here teenagers already knew each other. It did not help Reena at all that she was overweight. Thus, she got picked on by the other teenagers in her school.However, this classic story turned out worse than it should have. While the usual story ends happily, with the ugly duckling fitting in afterwards sometime, this one ended, quite tragically, in Reenas death.Unbeknownst to the local community, small groups of teenagers in the local schools had been forming anchor rings that are similar to those seen in television shows featuring Los Angeles gangs (Cernetig). Moreover, these teenagers appear to have been influenced by songs and shows that abound in mainstream media, which all glorify violence and the proliferation of gangs.Examples of these media are what Cernetig calls gangsta-rap CDs (Cernetig). This influence has gone to the extent of ending up with a murdered young girl, without anyone pickings responsibility for it, despite the fact that several suspects have already been app rehended (Cernetig).The story gets more notorious because of the delay with which Reenas body was found. One week has passed before the police were able to locate her body. Moreover, their theory on the case had been built largely on speculations based on stories that had circulated about town.AnalysisReenas story raises several issues for critical analysis. The first one involves the medias portrayal of an L.A. gang. This is a crucial issue in the story because this was apparently the main reason wherefore people at very young ages are exposed to violence. Worse, the media is shown to be primarily responsible for building a certain image of a gang as cool or fun.

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Risk Management: New Challenges and Opportunities for Insurance Sectors

Risk wariness can be described as like the other management procedures of identification, assessment and prioritization of encounter. Actually endangerment management is very much equal to walking on the rope. As defined in ISO 31000 the effect of uncertainty on objectives whether it positive or negative. Risks can go in from uncertainty in financial securities industrys, project failures, legal liabilities, credit risk, accidents, natural causes and disasters as well as deliberate attacks from an adversary. Risk AnalysisRisk depth psychology is the process of systematically identifying and assessing the po disco biscuittial difference threats and uncertainties that occur when trying to achieve a certain goal (such as completing a project), and then finding a reasonable strategy for most efficiently controlling these risks. Risk analysis also helps to define pr tear downtive measures to reduce the probability of these factors from occurring and identify countermeasures to succe ss full phase of the moony raft with these constraints when they develop to avert possible negative effects on the competitiveness. insurance policy The most common tool used in risk management is policy. excessively the standard health, life, and possibly disability indemnification, we stand to look at the types of liability and property amends that may we need. Specialized insurance policy for particular risks in military control can also be necessary. For instance, in an industry a chemical component is used in production process, they need special toxic risk insurance. A sense of security may be the next basic goal after food, clothing, and Shelter. An individual with economic security is fairly certain that he can satisfy his needs (food, shelter, medical checkup care, and so on) in the present and in the upcoming. Economic risk (which we will refer to simply as risk) is the casualty of losing economic security. Most economic risk derives from variation from the ant icipate outcomeNeed for awareness on insurance products Life insurance and general insurance have more products to facilitate the customer needs. According to most of the surveys individual lack the awareness, literacy and skills to adequately assess their needs for financial and social protection and to pick out appropriate insurance services. Raising awareness and educating on individuals are challenging priorities for research studies. Because of trends towards increased responsibility of the individuals for the management of risks and coverage, as well as consequences rail at or inappropriate decisions. The education process in the insurance sector involves different types of stake holders insurance authorities, insurance entities and intermediaries, other insurance providers, distributors, NGOs and customers themselves.Importance of insurance Importance of insurance is definitely increasing and expanding. Households should be encouraged and provided with the possibilities to enhance their awareness, responsibility to the coverage of their overall risk exposure as well as their understanding the knowledge of insurance products. Yet little research has been undertaken on this subject. With in a frame work of general financial education insurance subject is being handled. Better understanding of financial products can be given to potential consumers. Evaluation of risk in naked as a jaybird areas of personnel insurance Increase in perceived and real risk. Emerging catastrophic join markets shows the rise in risk levels. The range of conventional and new large surmount risks seems to have expanded and their frequency has increased. They included risk related to industrial (Bhopal), natural (earthquakes, floods), terrorist attacks, new technologies risks (cyber crimes), Health risk against new diseases.Enhanced needs and necessitate for risk coverage Broad increase in savings interest of population started investing in assets like houses, buying material s like gold, investment in financial markets have to be protected.The relative complicity and heterogeneity of insurance products develops confusion among the non expert consumers, as they need insurance. Existing products and new age products have to be updated to the present scenario. Responsibility of the insurance companies to subscribe the feed back from the consumers. Know the difficulties in getting their service. Short term mindset of consumer does not encourage them to get coarse term coverage.Various studies will help the sectors to study the consumers knowledge about the insurance products. Tools like the number of complaints received from the customers, questionnaires to collect the coif of the consumer can be used.Innovation of Insurance opportunities in capital markets The capital market risk usually defines the risk involved in the investments. The stark potential of experiencing losses following a fluctuation in security prices is the reason behind the capital mar ket risk. During the global financial turmoil of 2007 and 2008, the stocks were worst affected, even well performing stocks are also beaten up. This is a characteristic feature of capital market. How ever in the cartridge clip of market fluctuation and uplift volatile seasons investors losing their hard earned money. Loss occurred to the investors makes the disbelief in capital market and views the market as a gambling spot. Resulting further investment in capital markets by them is stopped. Stock market has to search for another investor. The interest of defend the investment of the investor is maintained by SEBI and Government of India through its policies, guidelines and certain regulations. supervise the markets fraudulent, watching the short selling, bulk Purchase, inside trading, etc.and helps logically to protect the investors by legitimately.Apart from SEBI and government interest some professional system has to emerge for protecting investments. Many researches have to be done to provide an insurance system or scheme to capital market securities. Financial innovation has allowed many a(prenominal) types of risk to become more tradable including like credit, interest rate, foreign- exchange risk and equity. Risk transfer and a new system for protecting investments of investors in capital market securities have to be analyzed. Emerging capital markets needs investments in a continuous mode.Then only corporate of India can adventure into expansions, mergers and acquisitions to proceed their architectural plan for development. Recent turmoil experienced that no IPO issue got success and others likely to issue IPO is delayed. Financial risk transfer and transparency have been dominant themes since the World War II. Insurance risk comes in many varieties and also segmented into broad categories e.g. life, mortgages, car loan, assets against theft, fire, flood, earth quake, corps. Financial innovation has allowed many type of risk to become tradable in cluding credit, interest rate, foreign exchange risk. The potential market is vast, with total premiums of all the worlds insurers equaling to US$ 4.1 trillion.Most insurance are asset based securities. Treating the investments of securities in capital market as a product and providing insurance as like other risk divide is the idea behind the research.Increasing trend in insurance linked securities attracted the research concept. CAT bonds were issued against catastrophic risks such as windstorms, (hurricanes, typhoons) and earth quakes. These serve as collateralized protection for extreme event risk at a multi year fixed price. Industry loss warranties, CAT bonds, cat swaps are triggered by ad hoc indexes. The purpose of the research is to extent insurance linked securities concept and providing an insurance coverage at a premium for expected loss.All progress is born(p) of inquiry. Doubts is often better than overconfidence, for it leads to inquiry leads to invention-Hudson ma xim Any research on this topic will give a better beginning of new innovation to one of the financial market instrument of capital market. Financial institutions, government cash and large retail participants from house hold savings floods the funds to capital market. Further more the inventions to the betterment of the system will bring the trust in the mind of investor. The capital market provides both overnight and long term funds and uses financial instruments with long maturity periods. The following financial instruments are traded in this market are Foreign exchange instruments, Equity instruments, Insurance instruments, Credit market instruments, Derivative instruments. This research deals for the investments in equity stocks.Insurance and ReinsuranceInsurance companies are in the business of assuming risks from individuals or companies. They manage those risks by diversifying over a large number of policies, Perils and geographic regions. A particularly difficult problem i s the management of risk from high severity, low probability events (catastrophe risk, or CAT risk), such as that posed by major earthquakes or hurricanes. The risk from low severity, high probability events (for example, auto collision or medical insurance) can be diversified by writing a large number of similar policies. Suppose that the insurer charges a premium equal to the expected average annual loss and has a very large number of policies. By the law of large numbers, it can expect to pay out slightly this amount in claims in each year.Under the CAT bond scenario, investors purchase the bond and exchange a principal payment now for future coupon (interest) and principal payments. These payments are contingent on loss experience or the occurrence of a specified catastrophic event. If the bond is not triggered, the investor receives full coupon and principal payments over the life of the bond. If the bond is triggered, the investor may lose the right to future coupon payments, principal payments or both, depending on the type of bondMethodology1. Formulating the research problem and extension of literature survey. Selecting the securities for investigation from NSE India from Nifty stocks in which investment is going to be insured. Collecting data for period ten years from web sites of NSE and several associated agencies for the frequency of peeks and deeps of price movements. Comparing the data with existing technical analysis theories for trigger price calculating. For the same period of time fundamental analysis has to be done for the same stock. Knowing stability and financial performance of the stock then correlating the both analysis and finding the stocks for qualification model. .2. Development of workings hypothesis& Building model. After extensive literature survey a model has to be build. Testing for hypotheses for the formula arrived. Development of working by hypotheses is to be state in clear terms. Working hypothesis is intensive assumpt ion made in order to draw out and shew its logical or empirical consequences.ConclusionThe contribution that the research should make an exposure to the insurance companies to concentrate and find possibilities to take the investment made in capital market as product. By two ways this research will benefit the society one is protecting the investment of the investor by which edifice the trust and make the continuous investment in capital market through that the market may get regular in flow of funds. some other is new business emerged to the insurance companies.Referencehttp//

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Brief Literary Analysis Edgar Allen Poe

15 November 2012 Edgar Allan Poe Literary Analysis Edgar Allan Poe is often regarded as the most skilled American poet and short story writer, and it is no wonder because all literary work created by Poe is written with such proficiency, that even readers today are awe-struck. In Poes short stories and poems, one will find the alike(p) few reports in his whole kit and caboodle, such as women, the color cerise and a variety of horror etymons, however one theme that is very repetitive is his utilisation of termination. This theme is used in galore(postnominal) novels today, and is also a popular theme in books, television shows and videogames.Read also Edgar Allan Poe DrugsIn fact, since the 1800s, people have start increasingly appealed by death. Death was one of Poes favorite themes, and is a big reason why Poes literary works are chill out read today. In Poes short story The fancy dress of the rubicund Death, the theme of death often brought up, such as when the fatal r ed death sickness was described when contracted, its host would feel sharp pains, and sudden dizziness (1), and its host would have profuse bleeding of the pores (1). The red death was a widespread disease, but Prince Prosperos castle was safe from the red death because the disease couldnt get past the abbey gates.In his happy mood, the Prince organized a clod, this ball was not an ordinary ball, but it was a masquerade, in which the guests would wear masks and costumes. This story ends in an extremely violent homosexualner, in which every masquerader succumbs to the red death. The theme of this masquerade was gruesome many masqueraders wore very graphic outfits, which foreshadow the horrible end of this story. An otherwise one of Poes works, Annabel Lee, was actually based on his wife, Virgiania Eliza Clemm Poe, and in the the poem, Annabel is killed by the angels above that were jealous of the love between Annabel and Poe.So one night, at the peak of their jealousy, the sent out a cloud Chilling and putting to death (4. 6) Poes Annabel Lee. The theme of death is very obvious in that Annabel Lee dies in the poem, and the main character is filled with an infinite sadness, that he even sleeps by the grave. Whats ironic about this poem is the fact that Annabel dies from a chilly wind, and Virginia, in her last stage of consumption, dies cold, and Poe, so poor, was unable to afford a binding for her, a simple luxury that would have brightened her mood just a bit. The Fall of the House of establish is a unique short story in that it was one of the first haunted house stories of its era. This story was about a man who was invited by his friend, Roderick Usher, to cheer Usher up. The main character shortly arrives at the Usher manor, which once was beautiful, now is an old run-down mansion. The only two Usher family members that are liquid alive are the twins, Roderick and Madeline, and both of them gravel from peculiar diseases, Roderick suffers from a morb id acuteness of the senses (3) and Madeline seemingly suffers form a type of immunodeficiency, in which she gets deathly ill often.The first appearance of the theme of death is when Roderick states Madeline as dead and subsequently buries Madeline prematurely. Roderick is aware of this, and near the end of the story, Madeline breaks out of her position and with a low moaning cry, fell heavily inward upon the person of her brother, (10) cleanup spot Roderick, another appearance of death. At the very end, the manor disappears, intend the death of the Usher bloodline. The theme of death is apparent in this short story, so this theme is not only a coincidence. Many of Poes stories include death, and The Black Cat is no exception.This story is one of his more brutal stories in that the main character first hung his favorite cat, Pluto, and then buried the axe (4) in his wifes head. The final death is that of the main character, when he is sentenced to hang for his tremendous deed of murder. This theme of death is proved as a common theme now, as it is in at least quadruple of Poes literary works, and these stories arent the only ones that include the theme of death. Death is not a happy event. A funeral is usually a time of sadness, and there is uncheerful automatic teller that is fueled by this sadness.Poe recreates this atmosphere in many of his works in the mood of the story or poem. For example, in The Fall of the House of Usher this depressing mood is heightened when the reader becomes aware that the only remaining Ushers alive are Roderick and Madeline. Another instance of heightened mood is in The Black Cat when Pluto is savagely executed by the main character. This mood is even evident in Annabel Lee when Poe writes A wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and sidesplitting my beautiful Annabel Lee (4. 25-26). Poe is a master at creating this theme, as he effectively depresses the reader with the depressing mood of death.Poe is also proficien t at symbolizing death. The symbolism of death takes many different forms in Poes works ranging from very simple symbols to rather complex ones. An example is the clock in The masquerade party of the Red Death in which the clock chimed every hour with a dull, heavy, monotonous clang (2). A clock is a symbol of death because it eer reminds the limited life span of a military man being. A rather blunt symbol of death is a coffin, like the one Madeline Usher skint out of in The Fall of the House of Usher. The reason a coffin is a symbol of death is because a corpse is put in a coffin prior to the burial of the body.The color black is also a symbol of death, which is the color of the velvet tapestries, hung in the seventh room in The masque of the Red Death which is the room Prince Prospero and his fellow masqueraders are killed. In many of Poes works, the story takes place in an old house, or castle, the reason merchant ship this is that an older house usually means it has surviv ed several generations, which can also be related to death, because a generation is defined as a root of people born at approximately the same time, and since a human being has a defined life span, the end of a generation is when the meeting of people die.The old Usher manor has survived several generations of the Usher family, and it is also the place where several of the Usher family members are buried. At the end, it is the resting place of Madeline and Roderick. Ultimately, the house cryptically disappears when Madeline and Roderick die. Another old building is Prince Prosperos castle in The Masque of the Red Death, and that also has seen many generations of mankind, but it also sees the death of Prospero and his friends when the Red Death sneaks into the masquerade and swiftly kills them all.A very large amount of Poes works take place at night, rarely does one of Poes works take place in the daytime. The night has always held superstition for mankind because it is first of a ll, a time when humans sleep, and arent very active, and second of all, the human eye cannot see in the dark well. As stated before, rarely does one of Poes works take place in the day, in fact, the four works referenced all take place at night. One may wonder why many of Poes works were violent, gloomy, and why many of his stories included a lot of death.The explanation is because Poe had a very depressing life. His father was an alcoholic that left after Poe was a year old and eventually died of alcoholism. His mother cared for Poe until she died of consumption. After Poes mom had died, Francis Allan adopted Poe and Francis sent him to a peculiar school in England. What make this school peculiar was how the taught math and fleshly education. Math was taught using dates on tombstones, while physical education was taught by digging graves. This school could be a possible square off on Poes works, because he got to do graveyard work.Later, when he grew older, Poe had taken a roman tic interest in his friends (his friends name was Richard) mother. Sadly, Richards mother developed a tumor, and died. Soon after Poe had finished college, Francis Allan died of consumption, and she was the only reason John Allan hadnt evicted Poe yet, so once Francis died, Poe was evicted. After this event, Poe found a new romantic interest, in his adopted sister, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe. Poe married her when he was twenty-six years old. Unfortunately, Virginia also died from consumption. Now it can be seen why Poe wrote so a lot about death, because he was surrounded by it.Poes life was a short-lived and very unfortunate one. Many of his loved ones died from either consumption or other causes, and Poe was always poor. Poe became an alcoholic, just like his father, and he died at age forty. There was no rest for Poe, so most of his feelings went into his poetry and short stories, and that was what made him a successful writer. In the time Poe lived, there was common a terrible di sease called consumption, or more commonly known today as Tuberculosis. This disease would attack the victims lungs, and slowly kill the victim.The common symptom of consumption is coughing up blood, but there are other symptoms such as a fever, chest pains, a cough with increasing mucus and a nightly sweat. This disease is could have been a big influence on Poes writing, because this disease killed many of Poes beloved and in a rather violent manner. Another thing people of Poes time were scared of was being buried alive, so much that devices that rung bells were attached to coffins so in the event someone was buried alive, person in the coffin could ring the bell and be rescued from their earthly prison.This fear was so great, that Poe had the idea to put it into one of his stories The Fall of the House of Usher in which Madeline Usher was buried before she was dead, by Roderick Usher. This fear had an apparent influence on Poes literature, and people loved the thrill of reading P oes tales of terror. In The Masque of the Red Death Poe accomplishes several points, that death is unavoidable Prince Prospero could not escape the inevitable Red Death disease by simply hiding in his Abbey until it went away. Poe also states that death is an imperishable law. If there is a beginning, there is an end, and life is no exception.Even time dies alongside the masqueraders, for time, one of humanitys fears, will resign to exist as well. These points are surprisingly true, for each thing that has a beginning comes to an end, no exceptions. Poe blends morals and lessons into a brutal story of a man who tried to evade death, but he was foolish, for no mortal can escape death. Science states that everything was created, and everything will be destroyed, in due time, so this eternal law of death that Poe creates is so incredibly accurate to science, that Poe was a genius to secretly incorporate this law into a short story.Edgar Allan Poe is perhaps one of the sterling(pren ominal) American writers of all time. His short stories and poems are still read by the world, and for good reason, what makes his stories so good are his well-written story plots, and his themes of death, blood and gore which still ones that even people today can enjoy and be thrilled by. Poe had a depressing life, and it is unfortunate that he lived only forty years, who knows what else could have been produced.

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Analyzing the Tragedy of Dr. Faustus

Alfonso Villarreal Mrs. Bohn World Literature Honors April 9, 2012 Analyzing the Tragedy of Dr. Faustus The struggle between good and evil is arguably the most significant al-Qaida in the play. This struggle is most evident within the main character Faustus. He is torn and undecided about whether or not he should aby for sinning and return to God or follow through with the contract he signed with Lucifer. His internal struggle lasts almost the entire play, as section of him wants to be good serving God mend the other part seeks the power Mephastophilis promises. Metaphastophilis himself has mixed motives and symbolizes this theme.On single hand he pursues Faustus soul, intending to carry it to hell eyepatch on the other he persuades Faustus to reject the contract because of the incompatibilitys he would encounter in hell. This theme, mostly existing within Faustus, provides interest and intrigue as to inquire if whether or not the highly intellectual doctor will finally come to his senses and repent. The play would be significantly little enjoyable if it followed a less interesting man, a man who morally feels no regret in giving up any chance of a positive afterlife for temp powers. This indecision within Faustus also provides the central drama of the play.The struggle between good and evil is best symbolized by the Good and Evil Angels. Each holy person struggled to pull Faustus towards its side as Faustus himself struggled between his human reason or logic and his lustful desire for power. Good and evil battle once more(prenominal)(prenominal) when Faustus encounters the Old Man in the final scene. The Old Man is other symbol which replaces the Good and Evil Angels from earlier scenes. He persuades Faustus to repent and renounce his powers while its not too late. Marlowe uses mythological allusions in a rather clever way in this particular work.They provide the audience with a more interesting play and extends the limits of the plays subject if even slightly. One of the most significant allusions was one performed in Faustus visit to Charles Vs court. Charles V pleads Faustus to perform sorcery for him, an allusion of Alexander the Great and his lover. Faustus performs a simple trick and Alexander suddenly appears before the emperors eyes. The purpose of this allusion is to show another great feat performed by Faustus and one that certainly brings interest to one of the most powerful men in the world.Marlowe was in some aspects a metempsychosis writer and his work was a product of the age. He uses these allusions in the play to illuminate the transition between old beliefs and new ideas and knowledge. This transition served as one of the of the essence(p) elements in the movement and Marlowe applies it with ease in his great work. What art thou, Faustus, but a man condemned to die? (IV, v, 25) The quote above addresses many essential aspects of the play. One of these aspects is the struggle between good and evil, a the me represented most by Faustus and his indecision. This quote indicates this theme of the play more than any other.Yes, Faustus is verbalise his most troubled thoughts. What is he if not a fool who sold his soul for a temporary power only to perish in an eonian fire? Again it is evident that he struggles with his two most important principles, his lust for power and his reason. He ponders whether or not he made the function choice. The fact that he even struggles with this is ironic at the very least. One of the most intelligent men of his time is too blind to see the horror in Hell. This quote is also significant in that it represents his tragic fall as his corrupt morality prevents him from repenting in time and ultimately dooms him to an eternity in Hell.

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No development without Security Essay

Discuss this statement. In 2005, Kofi Annan, former United Nations General, made the memorable statement that thither could be no phylogeny without security, and no security without development. This sparked a debate among multilateral get alongncies, governments and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) astir(predicate) the effectiveness and targeting of international aid. Kofi Annan and the UN observed that violent conflict, poor governance and human development, for example reducing destitution and improving education, were interconnected.As well(p) as this, they found that progress towards human development is impossible with political instability and poor governance but at the same time, argonas of deprivation and poverty create reverence within communities that allows terrorism, elegant war and crime to erupt. During the past decade multilateral agencies, such as the UN, the humankind Bank and major donor governments postulate acknowledged that peaceableness, politica l stability and good governance are required in Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) for development.In Sub-Saharan Africa civil wars and regional conflicts have prevented progress because the resources that should have been devoted to development have in fact been lost through gird conflict. An example of this is Somalia, in east Africa with a Human Development Index of just 0. 284, where 20 geezerhood of civil war has created lawlessness, anarchy and a state without an official government, since 1991. Islamic insurgents including the Al-Shabaab root, with an estimated 14,000 militants and connections to Al-Qaeda, have controlled much of gray Somalia since 2008.Piracy on the Indian Ocean, off the rim of Somalia, is also a major problem in progress towards development. Dozens of foreign ships bearing food aid have been waylaid and about 10 gazillion dollars has been collected through piracy in ransom money and cargo value. This situation, affecting much of the coast s urrounding Somalia, has prevented development from trade and foreign investment with an estimated 1. 25 billion dollars lost through dominance trade opportunities. In contrast, the self-proclaimed state of Somaliland to the north of Somalia is having a construction boom.As well as this, the empyrean has low crime rates and low fear of violence mainly due to greater group homogeneity but also because the port of Berbara, on the coast of Somaliland does not suffer from piracy so foreign aid is able to enter the country and hence development has occurred. Also, nation structures within a country can impact upon the rate of development. In the past 40 years, 80 per cent of civil conflict outbreaks have occurred in countries with more than 60 per cent of the population below the age of 30. some of these countries have been faced with autocratic governments, where life expectancies are, on average, 9 years less than democratically governed countries and child mortality rates are 25 p er cent higher than in democracies. However as these countries, with unseasoned populations, advance along the demographic transition, with declining birth and death rates, their vulnerability to civil conflict decreases due to trim down dependency ratios and in turn a greater proportion of population at working age which allows for greater personal savings and government spending.A youthful population can be a tremendous advantage to society if they are educated, healthy and living in a safe world. This way that there will be many potential workers for the future, paying taxes, but most of these countries lack fair to middling economic capabilities to realise this potential. Afghanistan, in stage 2 of the Demographic Transition Model (DTM), has a population of 31. 9 million, a total fertility rate of 6. 8 and 45 per cent of the population under the age of 15.This is has been mainly due to the fact that educational and career opportunities were non-existent, before 1980, and it was seen that women should stay at theater which has dramatically influenced the demographic and economic situation of the country. Although, some development has started to hold back place with improvements in health care, small rural schemes, such as drainage systems and health clinics, being built through the subject discipline Solidarity Programme and a Hydro Electric Power turbine setup in the Helmand region which produces 33 megawatts of electricity annually. unequal to(predicate) and unequal human development is also a cause of political instability as well as an outcome. Poverty, hunger, poor health and education and oppression can create popular resentment towards governments. Where these problems admit with separatist tendencies, the result may be armed conflict and civil war. Hence, it is argued that to achieve security and peace human development issues must have priority. In many countries some development can take place without security but this can also be obser ved at a smaller scale.On a local scale, it is often thinkd that without security of land tenure, housing will not develop. The immense pace of urbanisation in LEDCs has shown that large heavenss of previously empty land have been overrun by the development of poor, informal housing. In Bangalore, over 50 per cent of informal, slum housing, greater than 6km from the city shopping center is not declared and there is no security of tenure, yet the residents continue to build. This shows that they are rarely unforced to invest into housing that is anything more than semi-permanent without the security of being able to make sure they remain.In Mumbai, 90,000 of these dwellings were finished and 300,000 people were left homeless. Although, in areas such as Rochina in Sao Paulo, the opposite can occur. Here, one area within the country received granting for some security has resulted in development. Buildings are now being built with bricks rather than wood, roofs have tiles instea d of corrugated iron and sewage systems have been installed. The continued development of the area is reliant on further improvements in security.While multilateral organisations and many world leaders believe that development can only be effective with security and security can only be achieved with development, some objections are still present. Some NGOs fear that this belief will encourage governments in LEDCs to discriminate international development aid to military spending to defeat separatist groups and crack down on political opposition. This in turn could escalate conflict, violate human rights and set back the whole development process.

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Three major Sociology theories

There are three major sociology theories known as functionalism, conflict opening, and interactionist perspective. typic interactionism is the use of symbols and is face-to-face interaction. Functionalism has to do with relationships between the parts of golf-club and how the aspects of society are adaptive. The last, conflict theory is the competition of scarce resources and how the elite control the poor and week. The symbolic interactionist perspective which is known as symbolic interactionism directs sociologist to consider the symbols and details of everyday life, what these symbols mean, and how people interact with each other(1).George H. Mead Introduced this perspective to American sociology in the 1920s. correspond to this theory people attach meaning to symbols. An precedent of symbols are wedding bands, vows of life-long commitment, a white spousal dress, a wedding cake, a church ceremony, and flowers and music. These are all examples of symbols explain in the theor y. Symbolic interactionist whitethorn miss the larger issue of society by focusing too closely on the trees. An example would be focusing too strongly on the size of the diamond in the wedding nimbus rather than the forest, which would be the quality of marriage.The functionalist perspective, known as functionalism, is when each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to societys functioning as a whole. This was brought to sociology by Emile Durkheim. The government, or state, provides the education for the children in the family, which in originate pays taxes on which the state depends to keep itself running. Functionalists believe that society is held together by social consensus, or cohesion, in which members of the society agree upon, and work together to achieve, what is best for society as a whole.Durkheim suggested that social consensus takes both different forms, mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. Mechanical solidarity is a form of social cohesion that arises when people in a society maintain similar values and beliefs and engage in similar types of work. Organic solidarity is a form of social cohesion that arises when the people in a society are interdependent, but subscribe to to carrying values and beliefs and engage in varying types of work.Karl Marx was the originated the conflict perspective, which focuses on the negative, conflicted, and ever-changing nature of society. Unlike functionalists who play the status quo, encourage social change, and believe rich and powerful people force social holy order on the poor and the weak. Conflict theorists find social conflict between and groups in which the potential for diversity exists racial, gender, religious, political, economic, and so on.This constant competition between groups forms the basis for the ever-changing nature of society. I agree most(prenominal) with interactionist perspective because it fits me and what I believe. I believe at looking at the big picture non little stuff in the way. It is important to concentrate on the bigger picture. They are all total theories and each are made for different people Im sure people agree and disagree with all the theories but that doesnt mean they arent good in their own way.

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Cadbury and Kraft

The skill of Cadbury approach widespread disapproval from the British public, as well as groups and organisations including trade union Unite,29 who fought against the acquisition of the caller-up which, according to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, was very important to the British economy. 30 Unite estimated that a takeoer by Kraft could put 30,000 jobs at risk,243132 and UK shareholders protested over the Mergers and Acquisitions advisory fees charged by banks. Cadburys MA advisers were UBS, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. 333435 Controversially, RBS, a bank 84% owned by the United Kingdom Government, funded the Kraft takeover. 3637 http//www. publications. parliament. uk/pa/cm200910/cmselect/cmbis/234/23405. htm exalted quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut paste the article. See our TsCs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales. emailprotected com to buy spare rights. http//cachef. ft. com/cms/s/a153ff94-595f-11df-99ba-00144feab49a. htmlixzz1dKyAgSEK Cadbury helps Kraft to 26% rise in revenuesBy Greg Farrell in New York and Elizabeth Rigby in capital of the United Kingdom Published May 6 2010 2354 Last updated May 6 2010 2354 Kraft Foods reported net revenues of $11. 3bn for the first quarter 2010, a 26 per cent gain over the comparable period in 2009, much of it fuelled by the US food familiaritys acquisition of Cadbury, completed in February, and aided by favourable currency exchange rates. Organic revenues for Kraft grew 3. 3 per cent for the quarter, while Cadburys organic revenue growth was 8. 2 per cent. Net earnings for the company were $1. 9bn, largely from a $1. 6bn gain on the divestiture of Krafts pizza business.

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My First Car gave me a wealth of experiences

In the career of individually American, one(a) of the important points that symbol coming of age is the purchase of the branch vehicle. This car becomes the starting points of ones adulthood, giving one the freedom to move around, pick up friends, and expanding the boundaries of ones environment. My first car gave me a wealth of experiences, close to of them connected with pleasant memories. It was a used Fleetwood Cadillac. Although not the most luxurious car one can dream of because of its age, it was a faithful and nice-looking companion that took me to a standoff of interesting places.The car was of 1992 make, the last year when Cadillac produced Generation IV Fleetwoods. It was a cardinal-door sedan with an FF C-body platform. My model had a 4.5 L HT-4500 V8 engine, not bad for the time and indicating that it was a luxury car. At the time when it was produced, it was a pot compared to new(prenominal) luxury cars, especially those of the European make. Today, however, it does not seem as beloved as other models that are newer and more advanced from the technological point of view.When I got it, however, it was about six years overaged and still could run for a few more years. I had relatively little problem with repairs, draw off one time when I ran into an accident through my own folly. Faithful, as I said before, meant to me that I could safely use it for a long time without going too much to the shop, something that frustrates me as it takes up a lot of time.The look was good, too, and the interior felt comfortable. The car was spacious, and this is what I prefer about automobiles that I drive. A car can be elegant and stylish, but if it is too small and friends are displace when a bunch of four gets inside, it is too small for my tastes. My Fleetwood Cadillac could pick up a crowd of four or even five friends and roar us off to a party or wherever we wanted to go, and everybody was comfortable and enjoying the ride.The inside had been reno vated just before I bought it, so I did not book to worry about it. It was done in hushed up, beige and white colors, reassuring without being provocative. The gamut alike gave the car a ruling of style and elegance and even underscored its luxury format.This car was with me for three years. It took me to dates, to parties, to school, and later to college. I liked it partly because people liked it they liked to see me drive by in a good-looking, long vehicle with slightly tinted windows and a shapely form. In a year, I has my Cadillac piebald beige, the color that increased the look of elegance. It still looked and felt relatively new, which was why I was reluctant to tack it.Being with one car for several years somehow gave me a sense of stability at a time when my life was experiencing sharp swings that are so naturally associated with young age. In a drastic change of environments as I switched from school to college, the car remained with me as a manifestation of my payl oad to an old friend. It also saw me through a series of rapid changes in my love life and a string of meetings and partings. Every day, I felt safe knowing that I would open the service department doors and slip into my old friend, starting off to the challenges of this day.A year later, my parents decided to make me a introduce for my birthday, choosing a newer Toyota model for me. I was excited about their decision as I felt that before or later I would have to replace my Cadillac, but at the same time the feeling of departure from my long-time companion saddened me quite a bit. I was able to sell it at a good price, but somehow I still miss its feeling of space and comfort that engulfed me the moment I got inside. To me, this car came to mean my high school and student youth, and I can still see it in the pictures we took at that time. A faithful friend and a good comrade, it was with me in an important period of my life, winning me places and broadening the scope of my exper ience.

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Eassy for P.E

Biography of Christopher Bruce Christopher Bruce was born on the 3rd of October 1945 in England, he started studying dancing at 11 years old, and he began with tap and concert dance. After studying at the Rambert School Christopher Bruce joined Rambert Ballet in 1963, where he rapidly became the leading male dancer. Bruce appe atomic number 18d in hale caboodle such as Don Quixote in 1964 and Coppelia in 1966. Then the club began to experiment with ballet and modern, combine them to form, specifically the Martha Graham technique. Martha Graham created 181 ballets and a dance technique that has been compared to ballet in its scope and magnitude. many a(prenominal) of the great modern and ballet choreographers run through studied the Martha Graham Technique or have been members of her company. ) When Bruce danced the manipulation of Pierrot Lunaire, his own interpretive skills were noticed. Bruce was dominating e rattlingthing- practically living the bit. Bruce then run awaye d with Glen Tetley, he discovered that the theme for the impulsion comes from the centre of the body rom this base we use classical ballet as an offstage to give wider clutches and variety of movement In 1977 he was appointed associate music director of the company and was its associate choreographer from 1979-87, he created over twenty establishs for the company. Between 1986-91 he acted as associate choreographer alike for London Festival Ballet, later ENB, and resident choreographer for Houston Ballet in 1989. In 1994 he became artistic director for RDC. Often policy-making in his work, he integrates classical ballet and modern dance, often set against normal music by artists like Bob Dylan, Rolling St iodines.His productions include Cruel Garden, 1977, tone Dances, 1981, Swansong, 1987, and Rooster, 1991. Influences Social and governmental themes emerge as naturally as a reflection of his own concerns, although his aim is always fore close to create a piece of dance, rather than to make a statement. Nevertheless, he does not see a conflict between creating interesting movement and tackling difficult issues. He believes that there is much beauty in move Dances and similar works. Bruce is typically known for using themes that focus on personal or political issues.He has created abstract pieces simply even these have a strong undercurrent of emotion. Bruce uses a wide range of starting points, particularly poetry, literature, music, newspaper articles and world events. For example for those who die in cattle reflects his views and concerns of war, rooster is his idea of relationships, swansong is probably one of his most moving and emotional pieces and tackles the very serious issue of torture. His views on the general kind-hearted aim are portrayed in waiting.Throughout his career, Christopher has been a strong supporter of Amnesty Internationals ideas and through with(predicate) his choreography he has voiced his concerns for society, the persecuted and dupes of a wide range of world rights abuses. m and again he has concedeed to these themes and in his most recent work grinning in your face, these concerns are articulated as powerfully as ever. The Arts have an important theatrical role to play in exploring social issues and dance smoke be seen as the most human of the Arts as it is based on the body.The image of the tortured prisoner from swansong or the unjust imprisonment of Reuben Carter, in Hurricane are far more powerful than mere course can ever be. Video extracts of Christophers work have been apply to reinforce talks about human rights abuse. In the 1970s the focus for Bruce was South America and Pinochets bloody coup against the elected All checke government in Chile. He was deeply moved on the meeting of Joan Jara, who was tortured and murdered by Pinochets forces. This meeting lead him to choreograph, tactile sensation Dances.He took the theme of the day of the dead, simple symbolism and indige nous dance movements as a basis to start the plight of the innocent people of South American down the ages and their courage in the face of adversity. Certainly, Ghost Dances has a tremendous impact and audiences in many countries have delighted in its distinctive, rhythmic movement performed to haunting American tunes. However, it is the representation of the oppression of ordinary people, symbolised by the sinister ghost figures, which give the work much of its resonance.On the evidence of ghost dances, swansong, and cruel garden (about the death of Lorca at the hands of the fascists in Spain), human rights themes have provided him with a strong source of inspiration. He remains a passionate advocate for the role of dance and the arts in society and believes that seeing good work and the chance to perform, either as an amateur or a professional, an not only enrich lives, but can also be civilising influence. Ghost dances It was created in 1981, and was influenced by the political oppression in Chile.The style was coetaneous ballet unify with South American category dance. The setting of Ghost Dances is a rocky Andean location suggesting the let out of a cave. The colours (blues, greens and greys) of the backdrop were very effective and complimented the costumes and movement by adding to the eerie atmosphere. The whole stage was lit by a dim white light. The dead wear everyday clothes, which are inception to disintegrate. The Ghost Dancers appear as skeletal figures in striking skull masks. The piece is accompanied by Andiean folk music, with panpipes, guitars, and flutes.The tune is infectious, rhythmic and tuneful. The style of the choreography is sinuous and graceful, incorporating folk-dance influences. The Ghost dancers style of dance differs to the style of the dead. The Ghost dancers use very off balanced and angular Movements, there heads are the main key I think to making their dancing look as threatening as it does, they move them very quickly and sharply in unison and it creates a very menacing effect. The dead, on the other hand are very free flowing and graceful, their posture is very open chested and balletic with very neat but complex footwork.I loved this piece and the skills used to perform it. The fluid motion alongside traditional Chilean folkdance was original and inspiring to watch, it was a very moving piece and had a big impact on me because of the real life issues behind it. Swansong This piece was created in 1987 and was influenced by the share of political prisoners, the style was contemporary ballet and the prisoners movements were based on the idea of a swan. The piece is generally based around the fate of political prisoners and their need to break free.Swansong is a deliberately disturbing dance showing a dupe being tortured by a variety of means, although there is no actual violence on stage. It shows both(prenominal) the aggressive and sadistic element of interrogation, and how brainwashing, humil iation and playing with emotions can all be part of a long, nerve- racking patch. In combining vaudevillian humour, balletic virtuosity, and contempory dance expressionism with such a serious theme, he seeks to create work that can be appreciated at a number of levels by a broad audience.The three dancers are costumed archetypally and very much resembled the set, it was all very simplistic, with the prisoner in just a plain t-shirt and jeans and the two guards are wearing vaguely militaristic chromatic trousers and short- sleeved shirts could be viewed as policemen, soldiers, or guards. Programme notes have tended neither to give names to the characters nor to certify roles choosing ins afternoon tead to simply list the cast and allow audiences to make their own interpretation.The prisoner uses a very graceful and flowing style of dance whilst in contrast the two guards dance in a modern, camp manner, highlighting even more the separation and difference between the guards and pr isoner. The simplicity of the staging and ambiguity of the characters lends weight to its universality. The action could be taking place anywhere in the world. The stage is blue-blooded and staring(a) with the exception of a oneness wooden chair lit starkly from above, indicating perhaps a single bulb-hanging overhead in an otherwise empty room.There are seven roles in swansong all(prenominal) has a distinguishable theme and style. Section 1, questions and answers. Throughout the first division the dance suggests the interrogators and dupe playing a game of cat and mouse, the dance changing from trios to brief duets and unaccompanieds. in the duets the interrogators dance in unison, performing the same natural one after the other or slightly varying the steps to attack their victim. Section 2, tea for two. The section section begins with another interrogation session during which the second interrogator walks round his eated victim, and this time the victim taps out answer s but in a defiant mood. The interrogators change tatics. Section 3, first solo. The trey section is a solo for the victim alone on the stage and it is more lyrical both in music and movement than the proceding sections. It contrasts with the torture previously shown, appearing to be a cry of foiling and anger at the victims situation as well as evoking his urge for freedom. Section 4, slow trio. The victim immediately tenses and flinches as the first interrogator reaches towards him, and then relaxes when he is not harmed.No questions are asked. Again the hatchway sequence is performed twice but at the end of the chair is moved so that the victim cannot return to it. This becomes a recurring theme of this dance the victims chair is repeatedly pulled away from under him or position just beyond his reach. He is pushed and thrown around, the effect of the violence is in slow motion. The victim curls defensively on the floor and is uncurled by the second interrogator and the tortur e continues. Section 5, second solo without accompaniment.Although this section repeats dance motifs from the first solo such as the jumps and arabesques suggestive of flight, it is generally more mimetic. The victim lifts the chair onto his back to make it appear he is carrying a huge weight on his shoulders. He then stands facing the audience staring through the bars of the chair, then he appears to crumble in frustration and the solo ends with his ankles trapped in the bars of the chair as if fetted. Section 6, cane dance. The feeler of the piece shows a build up of abuse and humility of the prisoner till the final section where the prisoner performs his last solo, his swansong.Rooster This piece was created in 1992 and in contrast to my other two chosen pieces is influenced by the Rolling stones the dance is based on the theme and context of the music. It is danced in a contemporary ballet style blended with modern dance to match the music. The set is a clear stage with natur alistic lighting and a white spotlight. The women wear ghastly skirts, tops and tights and the men wear black trousers and a skirt, a red dress is worn only in one number and that is scarlet Tuesday.The whole piece is danced to rolling stones music ranging from upbeat fast and rocky numbers to slower more relaxed music. The theme of each song in rooster reflects the character that is dancing it, none of the dances are linked, and each section occurs simply because of the different songs that are used, this helps to create an episodic structure. The tempo of the music dictates the style of dance the accelerated tracks are modern and contemporary whilst the slower ones are more balletic.This piece does not present a great deal of emotional involvment with the audience it is simply based on the theme and context of the music. You can see this by the fact that the dancers, the style of dance and the music purely dictate the song. A Time line of dance works which have been choreograph ed and produced by Christopher Bruce 1969 George Frederic 1972 for those who die as cattle 1974 Weekend 1975 Ancient voices of children 1976 bleak Angels 1976 Promenade 1977 Cruel Garden 1981 Village Sounds 1981 Ghost Dances 1984 Sergeant earlys dream 1984 Intimate Pages 1985 Silence is the end of our song 1985 Land 1987 The dream is over 1987 Swansong 1989 Symphony in three movements 1990 Journey 1992 Rooster 1995 skirmish point Section B Producing our own piece of choreography in the style of Christopher Bruce in groups. How has the work of the choreographer influenced and inspired my own performance and choreography? I chose Christopher Bruce because of the influences behind his choreography, the real life human rights issues that through symbolism he has transferred this into dance.He has successfully brought more awareness to serious issues that most people would not be aware of because it is not going on in this country. The fact that this affects Bruce personally is very i nspiring, as his pieces have real meaning and thought behind them. The three works by Christopher Bruce that I have chosen to study are ghost dancers and swansong because of the political human rights issues that influenced them and rooster because it was a contrast to the other two as its influence was the celebration of the Rolling Stones music.I thought these pieces complimented each other well to evaluate as each bears a large variation of accessible motifs, images and sequences of movement that I could re- interpret in my choreography in the style of Christopher Bruce. As it gave me the opportunity to analyse a variety of influences and issues behind the three pieces. Choreographic notes We choreographed a piece for a trio in the style of rooster. The set was clear other than three chairs that were used within the dance. We were dressed all in black and wore red scarfs round our necks. The lighting of the set was dark red

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Image of nursing speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Image of care for speech - Essay useThis question can be answered by arguing that, despite these other professions being portrayed inaccurately with stereotypes they do not possess the same baggage as nursing. For example, despite the mockery, medicine and law atomic number 18 respected professions whose practitioners are usually assumed as well educated and competent. It should be understood that the crap of a nurse is equally demanding, and most of the nurses have advanced in their career education, yet for several(prenominal) reasons the public take us for granted. There are several antecedents of nursing image, most of the antecedents have multicolour negatively nursing image, they include media the media have fuelled majority of the stereotypes, in that it usually portrays nurses as naive as compared to other health care professionals. For example, several movies and advertisements have portrayed the negative image of nurses during their shows, like qualification the acti ng nurse to behave like a stretchs puppet who is helpless when the doctor is not there. This makes the public view nursing profession as a lesser profession in the health care.Gender and poor communication Gender role is one aspect that children learn during their developmental milestone, and it usually leads to gender role stereotypes. Nursing is linked to female profession because it is much dominated by female gender as compared to the male gender. This has been perceived by several journalists as a prohibition to communication, since nurses are not able to speak to various media houses to air their concerns to the public and other stakeholders. This has made nurses and the nursing profession to be like a land locked nation that is not known by majority of the public. Moreover, several scholars argue that, the public view male dominant profession like medicine as more powerful than female dominant professions such as nursing.Clothing style the main involve of introduction of t he uniform in

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BP Russian Case Analysis Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

BP Russian Analysis - Case Study ExampleWhile partnerships are live for the victor of an organization, they may become sources of business failure if their construction is not efficient. BP Russia is one of the companies that have enmeshed in partnerships that have undermined its potential to grow and compress advantage of the market. An analysis of BP Russia will reveal the confused aspects of partnerships that determinusine its failure or success and the way organizations can realise from such business partnerships.BP proposed an conjunction with Rosneft as part of the organization commitment to take advantage of mergers to increase organization productivity. The proposed partnership amidst BP and Rosneft would have numerous benefits if successful. The main aim of the strategic alliance was to use a collaborative appeal on the development of oil reserves of the Kara Sea in the Russian Arctic (University of Virginia 6). The first benefit of the alliance is that the two woul d have a greater financial worth, which would help to explore the Kara Sea in a more profitable manner. Since the exploration of oil and development of oil reserves is a dearly-won operation, it is difficult for any organization to go it alone without a partnership. On this note, the alliance would allow BP to take advantage of the oil reserves, develop them and hence increase productivity, which means higher profits for both organizations. Secondly, BP had a long-term plan in the terms of the partnership. The terms of the strategic alliance was that BP secure 9.5% of Rosneft bringing its entirety share of Rosneft at 10.8%. This share swap condition would have a long-term benefit for BP Russia. increase its share value in Rosneft would be an increase in its share value. On this note, it is possible to term the strategic alliance as a worthwhile development strategy for BP Russia.On the other hand, managers must(prenominal) be aware that there are always implications for success o r failure of a partnership. The success of the BP-Rosneft alliance would

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Recalling the functions of rhetoric Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Recalling the functions of rhetoric - study ExampleShe seeks to pass an important message across to wo hands and the society. Roiphe explains the reason why women feel superior to men, and the causes of contrariety in the society in a manner that seeks to implement brotherly cohesion. The choice of narrative typecast is an essay, and it plays a role in the function of rhetoric. The dramatism, form, language, tone, and symbolism used in the essay is easy to explore, peculiarly because the essay touches on a sensitive issue that has societal ramifications. Roiphes essay brings together men and women separated from one another by alienation and competition. Men and women have engaged in a battle of the sexes in preceding generations. The impression of equality remains slippery, although traditionally, men are the dominant species. The social atmosphere often changes when the topic of feminism arises, and finished her essay, she addresses the contradictory altercations.There is som e symbolism in Roiphes essay when she narrates, The hidden anti-male feelings, a result of the old system, will foul us up if they are allowed to persist (Roiphe, 1982). Anti-male feelings refer to the distrust women have on men, while the old system refers to old generations. Roiphe describes men as inconsiderate and untrustworthy beasts, which supports her assertion of anti-male feelings. A beast symbolizes the inhumane nature of man, and their posture that makes them think they are the dominant species.Kenneth Burkes concept of identification plays a role through the traditional aspect of rhetoric as a form of persuasion. Roiphe attempts to persuade women to embrace equality, and not superiority, and in consequence, identification occurs (Roiphe, 1982). Identification supports conventional emphases on persuasion as essential and examines rhetorics role in relations between men and women, in particular the implementation of gender equality.Similarly, Roiphes

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John Perry's theory of personal identity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

John Perrys theory of personal identity - Essay ExampleThe paper will also explore the objections made against Perrys arguments, and present a variety of the possible replies and the responses made about the issues raised. Lastly, the paper will draw conclusions from the issues discussed, highlighting the overall woodland of Perrys argument.Perry developed four theories, in explaining the reality of life, personality identity and immortality. The four theories include the soulfulness theory, the body theory, the brain theory and the memory theory. In presenting the memory theory, Perry argues that memory is the most iconic contribution of a persons identity, and maintains that it is not just about the activities they engaged in, in the past. Perry explains that memories be the systems be mannerisms, behavior, feelings and attitudes about divers(prenominal) issues (Perry 34). The memory is the principle function involved in the formation of psychological behaviors, for example, the silent smile expressed towards a neighbor and the sadness that results from the loss of a loved one. More importantly, this status of a human enables them to recognize others, not only from their looks, but also from the shared memories about different things and issues.In the case of memory loss, it is impossible for the given individual to stop being themselves, and that is mainly because individuals are controlled by different sets of memories, including the conscious and the subconscious. In such a case, the individual losses their interactive mogul with others, but there is the subconscious side of their memory which is spared (Perry 35). These memories are those that control areas like walking style, display case of laugh and the instruments they can play. Due to the sharp contrast in the areas lost and those maintained, this theory has been criticized in umteen ways.It is important to make a comparison of the memory theory with the body, which maintains that, an ind ividual is